Divine Healing Center Staff



VRR Dr. Susan Hull Bostwick
Trance Medium Touch Healer
Licensed Minister

Susan Hull Bostwick was told “You are a Healer,” in her first psychic reading at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, seminary of the Church of Divine Man. She discovered more about herself as a healer when she began her own self-healing program to cure 18 years of chronic bladder infections, kidney disease, urinary tract and yeast infections. She obtained her ministers license upon graduation from the seminary training program, and has been on the church staff for nearly 40 years. 

Today she is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Church of Divine Man and teaches on the staff of BPI. She is President of Church of Divine Man/Divine HealingCenter and offers her services as a Trance Medium Touch Healer. She is Directors of DHC and the Oracle Trance Medium Training Program. Besides her psychic work, Susan has been an elementary school teacher with a California life credential and a journalist graduate of SF State University. She was managing editor of the Psychic Reader Magazine for 34 years until publication ended in 2010.

Susan can be reached for individual professional reading and healing appointments at staff@divinehealingcenter.org and (707) 542-6680. Appointments can also be made through the BPI website and Genbook.



Rev. Michael Kolack
Staff Pet Healer, Pet Healing Clinic & Private Appointments

Rev. Michael Kolack has been a life long healer. And a lover of animals. His first job as a youngster was at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo, where he virtually  camped out after school and on weekends just to be near the animals.

“I grew up in the zoo,” he says of his years there. His affinity for animals crosses over to his affinity for people in need of healing. He worked in the VA Hospital for seven years after a stint in the Army as a medic. There he was a jack of all trades from scrub nurse to janitor. He worked with a Nurse Registry where he was frequently asked for by name because of his empathy and gentleness with patients.

His propensity for healing others expanded further into a different professional title when he became a minister and co-director of the Berkeley Psychic Institute of Sacramento. Later he transferred to Santa Rosa where he has been the Staff Healing Teacher at the BPI Mission there for more than 15 years. He was hired because of his clairvoyant abilities and psychic kindergarten teaching style. He has taught several hundred beginning healing students.

Transitioning again, he expanded his professional healing services with animals when he became the Staff Pet Healer of the Divine Healing Center in December 2013.

This completes a cycle of healing from the zoo to the personal pet arena. Michael had several years working with animals at the World of Birds not only breeding parrots but llamas as well. About 20 years ago he became manager of the farm animals on a small Sonoma County Farm where he took care of 280 chickens, 20 goats, 17 sheep, 35 exiotic birds including a blue and gold macaw and a cockatoo. His pride and joy is “Grandma,” an 18 year old hen who lives on the ranch and to whom he gives daily spiritual healings.

His new drop-in Pet Healing Clinic is being held 5:00-6:30 the First Thursday of each month at 516 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. This is the home of the Divine Healing Center. Contact staff@divinehealingcenter.org or phone 707 542-6680 for private appointments to have Michael work with you and your pet.





Rev. Annisa Aguilar
Certified Herbalist and Nutritional Counselor
Specializing in Medical Intuitive Readings, Feeling & Belief Work & Flower Essences

Reverend Annisa Aguilar offers her enthusiasm and compassion in all of her gentle healing work. Her speciality: spiritual counseling and nutritional guidance that supports highest spiritual truth and goals incorporating emotional healing using ThetaHealing techniques, custom flower essences, energy healings using Reiki, hands-on techniques and out-of-body healings.

She completed a year-long Herbal Apprenticeship at the Dandelion Healing Center in Kneeland, CA, and became a Certified Herbalist through the School of Natural Healing, based on the teachings of Dr. John Christopher. She worked for health food stores as a buyer and manager for over 12 years.

She began taking meditation classes in 2000 and is a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute intensive Clairvoyant Training Program and Women’s Healing Program. She holds the title of Associate Minister with the Church of Divine Man.

She has Level II certification as a Flower Essence practitioner through the Bach Centre of England and utilizes both the English as well as North American flower essences. She has been certified in both the beginning, advanced and has taken an intensive Intuitive Anatomy course in ThetaHealing. In April of 2008, she also became a Reiki practitioner.

In May of 2007, she created Cosmic Connections, where she is combining all of her healing information and provides nutritional and spiritual counseling and medical intuitive readings. She utilizes DNA Activation, belief and feeling work, and custom flower essence remedies to gently remove the negative or foreign energies that prevent people from changing mental and emotional patterns thus impeding self-healing. She works with the Creator of All in supporting and allowing people to own their highest vibrations of Divinity and Wellness.
She lives in Santa Rosa, CA with her husband, Brian and their daughter, Anyel.

You can contact Annisa at the Divine Healing Center 516 Sonoma Ave, Santa Rosa, CA at (707) 542-6680.




Rt. Rev. William D Brewster III
Trance Medium Reader and Healer, Hands on Healer, DHC Coordinator

Right Reverend William D. Brewster III began his psychic training in 1978 when he began taking classes at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. He is a gifted healer and minister in the Church of the Divine Man and the Divine Healing Center.

William began his life in Santa Barbara, California and moved to the San Fernando Valley as a child. He worked for the federal government for 26 years as a Marine Electrician on both surface craft and nuclear submarines.

William began his psychic and healing training in 1978 when he began taking classes at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. He graduated from the Clairvoyant Training program in 1980. He completed Ministers in Training and Missionary Teachers Program in 1982. He completed the Hands on Healing program in 1989. He is also a graduate of the Oracle Trance Medium Program.

William has been on numerous spiritual pilgrimages: Puerto Rico, China, Egypt, Brazil, Thailand, Tibet, Hawaii, Caribbean, and Greece. He is the Coordinator of the Divine Healing Center. He offers Hands on Healing and Trance Medium Readings and Healings. William lives in the beautiful Hills of Sonoma with his wife Renneau.

William can be reached at the Divine Healing Center at 516 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA., or at (707) 542-6680.




Rev. Renneau Daly-Brewster
Licensed Minister, Trance Medium Healer and Reader

Renneau Daly-Brewster has dreamed of being a psychic and Trance Medium healer since she was a child. When she was 12 years old she visited a spiritualist community with her grandmother and was told she had the Trance Medium gift. As a young child she had imaginary playmates and could see things she was told “were not there”.

She came to the Berkeley Psychic Institute in 1980 and completed beginning meditation and healing classes. She graduated from the 2 year Clairvoyant Training program in 1984 as a licensed minister. She completed Ministers In Training, Missionary Teachers, and the Oracle Trance Medium Programs. Renneau is on the staff of the Church of Divine Man. She has been a healer all her life and has learned psychic tools to heal herself and others.

Her specialty is Trance Medium Reading-Healings. She works with higher healing entities to give healings and communication to others so they can begin their own healing process.
Renneau recently retired from the State of California after 30 years as a Certified Recreation Therapist working with individuals with severe developmental and medical disabilities. She enjoys playing the piano and uses music in her life’s work. She enjoys traveling and has been on spiritual pilgrimages to Egypt, Greece, Turkey, France, England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, China, Tibet, Thailand, the Caribbean and Hawaii.

Renneau lives in the beautiful hills of Sonoma with her husband Bill. You can contact Renneau at Divine Healing Center, (707) 542-6680




Rt. Rev. Pat King
Professional Psychic, 23 Years
Past Lives/Karma Readings

In 1986, Rt. Rev. Pat King began her psychic reading and healing training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in Berkeley, California. She completed the 2 year Clairvoyant Training Program, the Women's Teacher Program, Hands-on-Healing Program, One-to-One Program and then granduate from the 3 year Trance Medium Healing Program.

After retiring as the Advertising Manager for the Psychic Reader Magazine with the Deja Vu Publishing Company, Rt. Rev. Pat has continued as a professional psychic reader with the Deja Vu Psychic Hotline and as a Hands-on-Healer. In 2008, Rt. Rev. Pat joined the staff on the Divine Healing Center of Santa Rosa, California as a Hands-on-Healer and a Trance Medium Reader and Healer.

You can contact Pat at Divine Healing Center, (707) 542-6680. 





Amy_Aura_Pic2.jpgRev. Amy Roden
Death Midwife, At Home Funeral Director, Licensed Minister, Spiritual Counseling, Reiki Healer

Rev. Amy Roden is passionate about teaching people how to find their power through simple meditation tools. These tools have helped her transform her traumas into successful creations. She has an extensive knowledge of how energy mechanics work through learning many different types of healing modalities and using her clairvoyance. She believes the spirit is very powerful and has the ability to heal itself and the body in miraculous ways. When working with her she will help you to de-energize the pain and trauma you experienced and teach you how to take control back. She will support your empowerment by teaching you how to heal yourself through using the tools by giving you a reading, healing, and consciously connecting you with your spirit guides.

In her private practice she offers many different types of healing packages which are custom made to suit the clients needs. She offers classes, readings and different style healings based on where you will receive the most amount of benefit. Not only does she channel healing beings to work on people but she also channels beings that have crossed over so loved ones can communicate with them.

Rev. Amy is a committed life learner. Over the past 10 years she has graduated from many of the programs that the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI) offers as well as branched out to learn other healing modalities. From BPI she graduated with an Associate Minister title upon completion of the one year Clairvoyant Program. She went on to earn her Ministers license by completing Ministers in Training and the Teachers Program. She learned she has the great ability to channel beings from the other side and decided to get specific intensive training in the 3 year Oracle Trance Medium Program (now offered at the Divine Healing Center). In the midst of her receiving training at BPI she also ventured out to learn Heart Coherence, Quantum Touch, became an At Home Funeral Director, and a Reiki Master.

To book an appointment with Amy call (707)542-6680. 




Rev. Xanna Schweickhardt 

Xanna is a certified massage therapist in a mix of methods, including Swedish and Trager. She took her first massage class over 25 years ago. Trager involves the practitioner moving, stretching or lightly rocking the body to allow it to experience a fuller range of motion in no effort. The client usually experiences it as very peaceful and relaxing.

Always drawn to the spiritual aspect of healing, Xanna further developed her intuitive and spiritual abilities by training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute for over 6 years. Her spirituality allows her to connect powerfully to divine, high-vibration energies.

Xanna’s spiritual training and natural healing abilities allow her to bring a powerful mix of grounded energy and bodywork to her healing space. Her focus is gentle, compassionate and clear. Depending on an individual’s needs, she may channel the energy of the Christ Force, Mary and/or the Supreme Being. Her dedication to helping people feel happier in their bodies is reflected by the loyalty of her clients. They keep coming back!

To book a healing with Xanna call (707)542-6680.




Rev. Lorraine Stone
Licensed Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Hands-On Healer
Specializing in Creativity, Career and Money: Getting Paid Well Doing What You Love

Rev. Lorraine Stone – sensitive, artistic as a child was often found off by herself engrossed in self-initiated arts and crafts projects and some rather unusual science experiments. Lorraine’s perpetual enthusiasm for both discovery of the world around her and for self-discovery led her on the journey of lifelong pursuit of both spiritual and artistic studies. Lorraine found the Berkeley Psychic Institute in 1987, graduated from the 2 year Clairvoyant Program in 1990; went on to complete many advanced training programs at the Berkeley Psychic Institute including: Your next Step, Minister’s In Training, Teacher’s and Women’s Teacher’s Programs. Rev Lorraine has also completed further advanced spiritual training at Aesclepion Healing Center including: 6 month Women’s Wellness Program, 5 Year Trance Medium Program, One to One Program and Hands-On Healing Programs I and II. Lorraine is currently on Staff primarily at the Divine Healing Center and an Associate Staff with the Church of Divine Man/Berkeley Psychic Institute. Graduate Director, Assistant Graduate Director, Women’s Teacher are prior positions Lorraine held while teaching on Staff at the South Bay Berkeley Psychic Institute (2007 to 2010).

Lorraine studied Liberal Arts at the University of California Santa Barbara and studied Illustration, Design and Fine Art Painting at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Throughout Lorraine’s life she has enjoyed producing all kinds of works of art having been both a solo creator and a contributing member of many creative projects on many levels in many formats. Lorraine has successfully sold numerous paintings (especially well received have been her rose themed paintings). In the last couple of years Lorraine’s creative focus has been developing and growing her newest adventure: creating functional pieces of artworks made entirely from repurposed/recycled materials for people and pets to wear and to decorate building interiors with. Past arts related work includes: working for a Bay Area Faux Finishing and Mural company, working as a Carpenter’s Assistant /Wood Finisher, working as a Designer/Painter in a ceramic studio. From 1997 to 2007 Lorraine enjoyed a successful 10 year span as a self-employed Video Producer shooting and producing video work for the corporate world, TV, internet, education, legal industry, weddings, funerals, entertainers, musicians/bands. Lorraine’s next creative goal is to incorporate all that she has done thus far with the mission of founding, developing a retreat center specifically designed to support and encourage students who are interested in studying both the healing arts and the creative arts. Lorraine’s goal is to establish a curriculum designed specifically to cater to sensitive artistic people whereby students can learn psychic skills and work on their spiritual path simultaneously while working on their creative studies/projects living on-site at the retreat center in a supportive healthful naturalistic setting which will include offering healthy natural organic foods and community gardens.

From a foundation of being an experienced, self-employed, artisan, artist and well-trained experienced healer, Rev. Lorraine is ever excited to assist others to: get on their “right creative career path”, to clear blockages to getting paid well doing what they love to do, doing what they were meant to do.

Rev Lorraine may also be available for some mobile off-site appts around The Bay Area. You can contact Lorraine at Divine Healing Center, (707) 542-6680. 




Aurelia Muckinhaupt


Aurelia began working in the alternative medical field in 1994. She discovered and worked with alternative healing modalities such as Chiropractic, Reiki, Acupuncture and many others. 


Since then, Aurelia has taken a keen interest in nutrition and has a life-long passion for healthy eating. Currently, Aurelia works for a health food brokerage where she represents over 80 different lines of natural food manufacturers. She loves working with like-minded people who share her interest in eating well as a way to maintain a healthy life.


As part of her healing journey and passion for wellness, In 2003 Aurelia visited a powerful healer, John of God, located in Abadiania, Brazil. After several journeys she now has many stories to share of watching people heal from many different diseases and experienced the overwhelming healing affects herself. One powerful tool used by John of God is the use of Crystal Beds. In August 2014 John of God gave Aurelia special permission to help spread the healings received from Brazil through the use of a Crystal Bed. She now experiences the joy of offering Crystal Bed sessions to others who want to experience the same positive effects felt in Brazil.